Stanford University

Who Is My Designated Contact?

Please contact Sonia Barragan if you have questions about Conflict of Interest (COI) or Conflict of Commitment (COC) disclosures.  Sonia is the interim point of contact for the School of Humanities and Sciences.  Sonia works with faculty in review and management of their outside professional activities in connection with their sponsored activities, gifts, procurement actions and Office of Technology Licensing cases.  Click the link above to be taken to the Conflict of Interest page on DoResearch.

The Cost and Management Analysis (CMA) team determines, proposes, and negotiates the Fringe Benefits Rates and the Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates, also known as Indirect Cost Rates with the Office of Naval Research.  Since a large portion of the indirect cost recovered by the University depends on how campus space is being used, the Space Inventory Process is also an integral part of CMA. Click here to view the list of University Space Coordinators.

This link will take you to the list of school representatives that make up the Export Control Working Group (ECWG).  The school representative along with the Export Control Director can help you navigate U.S. export control regulations.

This link displays the School of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Office Finance website with a list of liaisons and their departmental assignments.

This link will display the School of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Office Human Resources website.  A list of HR managers and service center representatives will display with their departmental assignments.

The Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) negotiates industry, for-profit sponsored project agreements and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). This link will display the contract officer and assignment by school and department.

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Post-Award will assist in the creation and submission of annual financial reports.  They also handled the financial closeout of sponsored project awards. This link displays a list of OSR research accountants and their departmental assignments.

The Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) Pre-Award handles the review and submission of sponsored projects.  They also negotiate and process government or non-profit sponsored project award agreements. This link displays a list of OSR Contract and Grant Officers (CGOs) and their departmental assignments.

The Property Management Office (PMO) is responsible for property (capital assets) administration. University Property Administrator's (UPAs) serve as liaisons between PMO and University schools and departments.  This link displays the University Property Administrator assigned by School and Department.

Sponsored Receivables Management (SRM) provides support for cash and receivables management for sponsored projects with a focus of maintaining a steady cash flow for the university.  SRM processes interim invoices, draws against letters-of credit, applies payments and receipts and pursues collections for sponsored project awards, academic service centers, and program income. This link displays the SRM assignments and contact person.