Stanford University

Career Development

Researchers who are not members of the Academic Council or the MCL faculty may be approved to serve as PIs on a class of projects generically referred to as Career Development Awards, whose stated purpose is to advance the individual's scientific career. Such petitions may be approved if the project is to be carried out under the mentorship of an established faculty investigator who is named in the proposal, and if the project can be conducted within the overall intellectual scope and laboratory space of the faculty mentor. Often in these cases, the awards cover only the individual's salary and incidental expenses, but not incremental staff or students. Please refer to RPH 2.1 for Stanford policy regarding PI eligibility.

Career Development PI waiver exception requests are subject to the following:

  1. Approval of the faculty supervisor (who must be a member of the University Tenure Line, Medical Center Line, or Nontenure Line professoriate), and the relevant department chair, center or institute director, and the Dean's Office.
  2. A guarantee of space and resources for the duration of the grant by the faculty mentor or department chair.
  3. The understanding that the grant may not, under any circumstances, support a graduate student. 

If the grant proposes funding to appoint a postdoctoral scholar, the waiver recipient would be responsible for the day-to-day research supervision of the work of the postdoctoral scholar.  However, the overall career mentoring of the supported postdoctoral scholar would be the responsibility of an Academic Council or Medical Center Line faculty member.

Complete the form below to submit a Career Development PI waiver exception request for consideration.